Things to see and do in… Oxford

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Hello folks! Today I thought I’d share a few thoughts and pictures about Oxford. Firstly – it’s a great place to head in the summer break. It’s obviously a university town, and an historic one at that, and you’ll find people from all over the planet there.

oxford street

What will you find there?

Pitt Rivers Museum

I wasn't expecting this in the Pitt Rivers Museum!
I wasn’t expecting this in the Pitt Rivers Museum!
Didn't expect to see this either!
Didn’t expect to see this either!

A wonderful museum full of anthropological wonders. I was greeted by the skeleton of a dinosaur, but the building itself is a museum piece. There are a lot of weird and wonderful things to see here from dinosaur skeletal remains to stuffed dodos and any manner of thing you might like to put in a glass case. It’s different, that’s for sure!


Christ Church and other colleges

People line up at Christ Church College to see where they shot a little Harry Potter.
People line up at Christ Church College to see where they shot a little Harry Potter.

Oxford is full of universities and colleges, and you can get tours of many of them. The buildings are historic generally and well worth a look. By far the most popular is Christ Church college, in which a large hall was used for the first two Harry Potter films. Okay, you can’t quite say you’ve been to Hogwarts, but hey. Not too shabby!

inside christ church college

I also really liked Merton College, definitely worth dropping in on the halls that the likes of Eliot and Tolkein graced!


Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge Of Sigh. Nice, in't?
The Bridge Of Sigh. Nice, in’t?

This unique covered bridge is special, isn’t it? Even if you don’t get to cross it, it’s worth a photo or three!


Church of St Mary the Virgin

oxford from roof

This ‘University Church’ (whatever that may mean) wasn’t so big, but it was quite charming. Best of all you could walk up the cramped staircase to the top of the tower for views across Oxford. And splendid views they were too. You get a sense of this historic buildings that make the town, supplemented by some of the most perfect lawns you’re ever likely to see! There are a range of interesting churches in Oxford. This was my favourite.


The Bodleian Library

The Radcliffe Camera.
The Radcliffe Camera.


Opposite the Radcliffe Camera, just one of the many impressive feats of architecture in Oxford, was the Bodleian Library.  It’s another beautiful building itself, and inside was an exhibit on the King James Bible which, as a lapsed Christian, I surprisingly found really interesting. The influences over how it was translated and then the language was ‘tweaked’ shall we say.

Can't beat an Oxford lawn!
Can’t beat an Oxford lawn!

I saw more than just the above, but really could have seen ten times as much if time and money hadn’t been an issue. Oxford is well worth at least three or four days if you’re in England. May the Journey Never End!

8 thoughts on “Things to see and do in… Oxford

  1. Thanks for the great tips! How long did you have to wait to enter the Christ Church college?! Any thoughts on what time of day would be best to go?

    1. Look I went in on a weekday and there wasnt much of a wait but it looked like hours on the weekend as you can see in the photo (I decided to come back a different day when I saw the queue). Tour groups often arrive places in the early morning so perhaps the best bet would be late afternoon for less people. 3pm or something? Im only guessing!

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