My Top Ten Country Countdown (Part One)

Hi Folks. A couple of years back now, I did a top ten countries. Well, I thought now was a good time to revisit my top ten. I can’t say that much has changed, what is your top ten? I’m going to review the places in the Top Ten, and then in a few weeks start a new one with a slightly different angle. Here’s a look today at my numbers 10 down to 6.

  1. Slovakia

banner slovakia

You know, I was surprised in reflection on this choice. I loved Slovakia, it’s true, for many reasons. However, if I did a new list (oh yes it’s coming) I might change my mind. There’s Myanmar which I loved, and honestly as of today I think of Slovenia more fondly. Not that Slovakia isn’t brilliant!


  1. Romania

romania banner

Happy with this choice. Such an amazing country with so much to offer. Big, and many parts I didn’t explore. Really recommend Romania to anyone heading to Eastern Europe it has a lot to see and do.

Peles Castle, Romania
Peles Castle, Romania


  1. Mali

banner mali

Well, this is a seriously amazing country. I put my experiences here well in my Top Ten, but if I was to do a top ten country countdown today and aimed it at places I think you should go, I couldn’t include it for safety concerns.


In Djenne with the famous mosque in the background.
In Djenne with the famous mosque in the background.


  1. United Kingdom

banner united kingdom

Love it whether for travel, friends or you know, Doctor Who. Very sound choice Andrew!


  1. Japan

japan banner

I might push this one higher if I did it all again now (yes, it’s coming!). There’s so much to see and do in Japan, its trains are brilliant, it’s cities bonkers! It seems only I wrote a part one for Japan. Actually, I did a part two but this was at the time I was posting on my old and at the time new blogs and it doesn’t seem to have made it on both blogs.

View of Kyoto from Tower.
View of Kyoto from Tower.

Japan Part Two.

There it is for everyone to read. I have a list of clean up things to do with the current blog and it just got bigger! Okay, next week I’ll give you 5 to 1 and my present thoughts on them! Take care and as always, May the Journey Never End!

8 thoughts on “My Top Ten Country Countdown (Part One)

  1. BBQboy

    Hey, we’re in Vienna and going to Bratislava tomorrow. Just a day trip but curious why you liked Slovakia.
    Hmm, Romania not high on our list after a month spent there last year. I’ve got a rant coming up on our recent transit through there actually, the place really pissed me off the 2nd time around.
    Japan is high on our list, we’re very curious.

    You kind of left us hanging on your Top 5 though 🙂

    Frank (bbqboy)

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