$100 and 48 Hours in… Dushanbe!

Howdy all. Last year I came up with idea of trying to work out how you would spend a weekend in various cities with only $200USD in your pocket. Fly in early morning on Saturday and leave Sunday evening. This year, I am only making a small adjustment to the concept, and that is that …

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The Bizarre Nursultan – Through My Lens

Today I am looking at it's incredible, if very 'different' capital, the renamed 'Nursultan'. Formerly known as Astana, it's been renamed after their former President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has his own museum in the city. Modern Nursultan has more strange and indeed impressive buildings that I've had hot dinners. So come and see what the Kazakh capital is all about!

2019 – A Crazy Trip in the Planning Stage!

So the time has come to reveal all about the plans for the year. Sometimes I am able to contain myself and keep the plans limited, like last year to India and Sri Lanka. This year… less so! This year I have sort of thrown off the shackles and decided to get as much in …

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Future Itineraries – Returning to Central Asia!

Howdy all. Sunday’s are presently when I’m planning on giving you a few itineraries as the basis for the blog post. Today though, I am thinking out loud about where I’m hoping to go in around 12 months time, which is a trip to Europe and a ‘stop’ in Central Asia on the way. Yes, …

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A Visit to Terelj, Mongolia

Mongolia. Before going I had visions of well, steppe steppe and more steppe. Basically a flat, featureless country that was wild and yet exciting and fascinating at the same time. But that’s not the total sum of Mongolia – of course it was never going to be. From deserts to villages, the amazing Ulaan Baatar …

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