Essential Travel Tips to Pakistan!

Pakistan is an exciting, vibrant, colourful country that you may not have considered visiting before.There’s no doubt that it’s not a natural choice as a country to visit, it is rugged and intrepid in many ways, but that also to me adds an air of excitement to travel. The tourist trail is not well laid out, and despite some fairly comfortable transport options on the ground, it is not nearly as straight forward as many countries which are far more popular with the tourists. So let’s see what you need to know for a trip… to Pakistan!

Photos from the ‘Other’ Bali – Cameroon

Howdy all, hope this post finds you well. One of the highlights of my time a few years back now in Cameroon was a visit to the village of ‘Bali’. For Australians, ‘Bali’ generally will only ever mean the Indonesian island where we flock in droves. (not me, not yet!) In fact, I would presume …

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Travel Memories – Cambodia (Part One)

Hi all! Cambodia has been in my thoughts lately since I outlined my travel itinerary from 2000 when I visited the country. It was a significant country on my travelling journeys, after 14 months at home following my first backpacking adventure in 1999, I could scarcely believe I was off again November 2000 for another …

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Samarkand’s Incredible Registan

Howdy all. One of the most ‘fabled’ cities on the old Silk Road is without a doubt Uzbekistan’s Samarkand. It has a number of sites worth seeing, and a great place to experience Islamic Architecture. It’s a beautiful city, with wide roads and then miles of little backstreets in the old parts. When I visited …

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