City Rumble – Seville Versus Mumbai

Mumbai takes on Seville in a City Rumble that will go right down to the wire! Which city will come out victorious? Which would YOU rather visit?

Roxy heads to incredible Ladakh

Ladakh and this part of India, the always controversial and disputed Jammu and Kashmir, have been in the news this year for mostly the wrong reasons with troops firing at each other from the Indian and Chinese sides of the border and general unrest. But there's no doubt that at the same time there is some special and peaceful about this part of the world. Roxy continues her incredible round the world by bike trip in this breathtaking region!

Touts, Hassle and Hustlers – Dealing with travel’s ‘Sticky Moments’

We all know that travel comes with some challenges sometimes, sometimes things just don’t run smoothly, you forget things, you miss a connection, you get sick at the wrong time. All of these are hassles, but two hassles that you KNOW you will encounter when you go to certain places – for example Morocco, India, Egypt, parts of SE Asia for example, are touts and hustlers. How do you spot one before it's too late, and how should you deal with the situation? I examine these two questions.

My Favorite Cities in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan

Folks, I’ve taken you to all parts of the globe, at least as far as I’ve been, and shared my favourite cities. But this here is my last post in this regard. And some great cities and towns on this list. I always find it impossible to lump what is sometimes called the ‘sub-continent’ in …

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Still in Lockdown! – More Stories from Around the World

Yes - we're all still in lockdown in most countries across the world, so here is the third (and most likely final) in my series of lockdown stories from across the world. Today I am joined by Gino, a YouTubing travelling from Romania and the USA, friend of the blog from his own blog and …

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