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A Day on the Mornington Peninsula

Melbourne is regarded as a pretty big city when it comes to terms of physical size, from west to east. The truth is that parts of what are considered ‘Melbourne’ could easily be considered separate towns in their own rights. In fact, it’s really not clear what is technically ‘Melbourne’ and what isn’t! At some point down the Mornington Peninsula,

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Travel Itineraries – Australia [Part One]

Hello again it’s Thursday and for the last few weeks Travel Itineraries has been my Thursday segment (despite the fact that it’s simply the most work one needs to write a darned post possible). And today I thought I’d do Australia. This will be an idealised itinerary. I haven’t set out and done a long trip around my own country,

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5 Brilliant Australian Places on Australia Day

It’s Australia Day in Australia. It’s not all good, it’s certainly a day of contention with good reason because of what the day means for Indigenous Australians. Putting that all aside, and not wanting to go political today, here are five places in Australia that are seriously brilliant and worth visiting.   5. Hamilton Island This island off the Queensland

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World Journeys Podcast – Travel Blogging with Tim Blight (Series 2 Ep 1)

Howdy everyone! I’m very excited to be bringing the podcast back after nearly an 18 month sojourn! I’ve been busy recording a few episodes and finally the time has come to launch the new series with a fantastic interview with Tim Blight, who writes the Urban Duniya blog – which can be found HERE. Tim is a dedicated traveller who

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