Faces of India

Howdy all welcome to the next installment in my ‘Faces of’ series. This time I shift a country to the east and look at people I’ve met in India. These photographs take in three trips to India going as far back as 1999. Despite all the hassles and scams, the real people of India are warm, inviting and will do anything to look after the visitor to their amazing country.faces of india 1

This photo was taken in Jallandhar, 1999. I was taken in by Manu (second from the right) and his family and shown a side to Jallandhar that many visitors don’t get to see meeting all his family and friends.


faces of india 2

After a day of sight-seeing in Jaipur, 1999, my guide took me to his home to meet his family (extended!).faces of india 3

Mumbai, 2001. After visiting Ghandi’s House I stopped for a drink at a little restaurant and met a group of students who asked me and the other Aussie I’d met earlier that day and thousand questions. Loads of laughs too!faces of india 4Two happy kids in Mumbai, 2001.faces of India 5

Kolkata, 2004. The Botanical Gardens and I met a couple of groups of uni students there and chatted the afternoon away.faces of India 6

Darjeeling, 2004. Very different faces in some ways up in the mountains.faces of India 7

Amritsar, 2004. I took a ride in a fire engine to the Golden temple. My driver is in the middle.faces of India 8

A couple of ladies on the train to Varanasi, 2004.

faces of India 9

Watch out for that food dye! Indian festivals are a lot of fun. These guys may have had too much fun. Taken from the road to Darjeeling, 2004.


Thanks for reading folks – May the Journey Never End!

India banner

8 thoughts on “Faces of India

  1. Some really interesting faces. I love the concept of this series. Hey, wait, I did that once and I think I called it the ‘Faces of Cambodia’ (sorry, had to get you back for the ‘City Rumble’ comment) 🙂
    Great photos, you did a good job capturing expressions.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  2. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    Lovely photos Andy! My family are from India so it’s one of those places I never pause to appreciate properly because we used to visit there so often but looking at these faces really reminds me of what I love about it there!

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