The Melbourne Museum

Bringing things back to Melbourne for today’s post! I want to start by saying that I am not a major fan of museums per se. I have visited an awful lot of them I admit, and the quirky and different museums tend to be far more enjoyable to me than the stock standard ones. You can see my post on quirky museums HERE.

melbourne museum melbourne museum 2

However, Melbourne I must admit has a pretty decent museum that is well worth visiting. It was a few months ago now that I went there and saw the WW1 Centenary exhibit, and it was a very moving and well-presented exhibit. Full of tales and items from the First World War, a bit of history of how it unfolded and Australia’s involvement. Australia’s engagement at Gallipoli in Turkey is, in history of this young country, still a very important part of the tale since white man came to these shores. In Australia Anzac Day, in commemoration of the Gallipoli landings in 1915, is THE day when we remember those fallen in battle. It doesn’t appear to be running now, but there is ‘WW1 – Love and Sorrow’, a similarly themed exhibit.

Not as fashionable as they once were!
Not as fashionable as they once were!
Melbourne back in the day
Melbourne back in the day

melbourne museum 8

Of course, the museum has some other interesting sections, learn about dinosaurs or even a bit of a botanical display. What I love though is the section devoted to the history of Melbourne, the way it grew (interactive maps!) and became the city it is today. There’s archival footage, old films, examples of old housing, it’s really wonderful. That’s what I loved!

Electronic map showing the expansion of Melbourne.
Electronic map showing the expansion of Melbourne.

The Melbourne Museum Website

So this is the museum website if you’re in Melbourne and interested. General entry is $14 which is, I guess, pretty steep for a museum (some are free around the world) and then there’s more if you want to see a special exhibit such as the World War 1 exhibit. There is an amazing IMAX cinema attached to the museum where you can see special films and the occasional block buster as well.

Hope you’re all enjoying your hump day! May the Journey Never End!

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