Faces of Pakistan


Hello all and welcome to the first in my new series of posts called ‘Faces of…’ – not to be confused with ‘face off’ the Travolta/Cage epic action flick!

The idea behind these posts is to show people I met throughout my travels from different countries. The people you meet have a huge impact on the trip you have and how you view a country. For example, my first day in Croatia I had a number of bad experiences with people I met, not least of which the receptionist at the hostel in Dubrovnik who was yelling at some guy trying to check out as I entered the establishment. Yep, Croatia does not hold a special place in my heart, and that’s mainly due to luck.

Let’s start with Pakistan then, an incredibly warm and friendly place that most travellers don’t even consider visiting due to safety concerns – some justified, some less so.pakistan family at mosqueOne strange thing I’ve encountered in a number of countries I visited is stranger coming up to me and asking me to take their photo. Why? No idea. Well, no that wasn’t the case for the above family I met and chatted with at the Badhahi Mosque in Lahore, but they were more than happy to be photographed. They showed me that if you whispered in one corner of partitioned corridor, someone else could hear it clear as day in another corner!
pakistan man and child A man and his daughter I met on the minibus to Uch Shariff from Multan. I was dying to take their photo, and eventually managed the courage to ask a stranger if I could take one and the result is this pic – quite an intimate little portrait and one of my favourite photos (that I’ve taken).pakistan man with monkeyA man and his monley. Islamabad.
pakistan men selling naanTwo naan vendors in Lahore.pakistan security guards

Security guards at a hotel in Multan. I spent a good hour or more chatting with them, they were very friendly and the guy on the left with the amazing moustache did a very humerous impression of how to ‘make love’. Good times!

pakistan men khyber pass

Here is the closest I got to Afghanistan when I visited the Khyber Pass. From left to right – my guide, my taxi driver and my guard who was very disappointed I didn’t want to fire his Kalashnikov.


So there we are, just a little start with a couple of tales thrown in for good measure. All photos are copyright ME, I know I should think about watermarking but eh, sounds like more work to me! Thanks and please comment! May the Journey Never End!

pakistan banner


  1. I love the photos.I always say that it is always the people that dictate if you enjoy a place or not. And it’s good to put a human face on things – we may not always relate on political/religious stuff but when you talk to real people you realize that we are actually not that different. And security guards, no matter the country, seem to have dirty minds. I had one in the Dominican Republic who was always demonstrating how he does ‘fuckie fuckie’, he seemed to get great pleasure from it…
    Nice photos.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  2. I love this new idea of yours with the people at the different places!! And I had to lough when I read this guy was disappointed when you did not want to shot his gun… 😉

  3. Enjoyed the post. And the like the attitude, man – “I know I should think about watermarking but eh, sounds like more work to me! 😀

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