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Gateway Countries – Vietnam

Yes, the Friday series is back with another ‘gateway country’. This week we head on down to South East Asia, and just to shock and awe and confound you, I’m not calling ‘Thailand’ on the region, rather I am going with Vietnam as the best gateway to the region. In a region which boasts Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and more, it

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Short Journeys: Central Asia

Hi all. Just a quick mid-week post to let you all know that I have combined my Short Journeys: Kazakhstan & Short Journeys: Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan books together to make Short Journeys: Central Asia. It seemed a logical thing to do, to pair them together in case someone was interested in all three countries. This combined edition is available now

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Beautiful Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

Howdy all! Today I want to take you to a seriously beautiful place on this planet, in a country in Southern Europe you might not have visited but if not, should definitely be on your list! Slovenia is a wonderful mix of history and nature. Ljubljana is an amazing capital with a castle, rivers, gorgeous bridges and cobblestone streets. The

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Sunday Spotlight : Bukhara

Hello! And welcome to the Sunday Spotlight. Each Sunday I aim to provide a post about somewhere in the world I’ve visited that is pretty darned awesome, in my opinion at least. I hope this Easter everyone is safe and enjoying a relaxing weekend with their families and friends. As for me, well, I am off to Mount Fuji today,

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The Frustrations of Self-Publishing

Hello all. Today, please forgive me, I am going to be quite self indulgent. I will do my best to keep away from ‘Oh woe’s me!’ and the like, but I can’t make any firm promises. So this self-publishing ebook lark. I started back in 2011 with no real idea what I was doing. I just got the first volume

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Culture Shock Part Two: First Experiences in West Africa

When I went to India, I was a very green traveller. It was my first solo trip, the first time I had travelled alone. When I went to West Africa in 2006, I couldn’t claim the same. I had been to India three times, I had visited Bangladesh twice and been through Pakistan and Iran to get to Europe by

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