Short Journeys: Central Asia

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Just a quick mid-week post to let you all know that I have combined my Short Journeys: Kazakhstan & Short Journeys: Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan books together to make Short Journeys: Central Asia. It seemed a logical thing to do, to pair them together in case someone was interested in all three countries. This combined edition is available now on both Lulu and Amazon, in both cases for a little under two bucks ($1.99 & $1.95 respectively). Here is the introduction from the book to whet your appetite (well, I can hope, can’t I?)

cover short journeys central asia copy

The world has many regions, West Europe, East Europe, North, Central and South America, South-East Asia and so on, but there’s one part of the world that is still often overlooked when people set off to explore the world, and that’s Central Asia.

In Australia, before I left on my journey that included these three amazing Central Asian countries, I would tell people I was going to Central Asia and name the countries and people would be a combination of confused and worried. ‘Wasn’t it dangerous in Kazakhstan?’ ‘Kyrgyzstan? You just made that place up!’ ‘I thought Kazakhstan was a fictional place created by Sacha Baron Cohen!’


Buildings in Astana, the Kazakh capital
Buildings in Astana, the Kazakh capital

I wish I had made those three phrases up for the purpose of an amusing introduction, but sadly, I didn’t. It’s a pity that people take this view to Central Asia, because it is really a beautiful, friendly and extremely varied (maybe not so much with the food though!) part of this amazing planet we inhabit.

Altyn Arashan, a highlight of Kyrgyzstan.
Altyn Arashan, a highlight of Kyrgyzstan.

Yes  – there are visa hassles, but apart from that I was greeted by smiles, friendliness and warmth as I travelled three of the most amazing countries I have been to in my lifetime. From steppe, to mountains, to desert, my journey through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan was simply so rewarding and completely unforgettable. My biggest regret – I didn’t get to Tajikistan or Turkmenistan.

Kulkedash Medressa, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Kulkedash Medressa, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

I hope this short ebook is informative and useful to anyone who’s been kind enough to buy it. It’s full of my own photos, experiences, tips and more. It’s not intended as a guidebook, but it might be a good starting place if you’re on your way to this part of the world. Thanks for reading!


Short Journeys: Central Asia (Lulu)

Short Journeys: Central Asia (Amazon)


See you tomorrow where I’ll be hitting the rails in Sri Lanka!

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