Payhip to the Rescue!

I’m pretty excited today because I made my first two sales through Payhip this weekend. Payhip allows me to sell via pdf format to pretty much anyone so they can read it on anything pretty much any device. Also, I get around 90% of the takings which is nice, but after several months up there, it’s taken this long to happen!


Also, I get paid directly into paypal, and don’t have to wait 2 months or get a minimum amount of sales to see any money! So if you are considering checking out one of my books, well, I’ll be getting a few more of them up I guess soon. Please consider Payhip, from this end it’s the best way to get a sale, but just not productive! If you are buying an ebook and the author has it up on Payhip, that’s going to be the place with the best deal for the author. Also, they probably put a lot of work into putting it there!


So please pay a visit to World Journeys @ Payhip.

See you tomorrow with a serious view!


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