Modes of Transport – the Ups and Downs of taking … the BUS

We've looked at planes, but today it's time to talk BUSES! What are the best and worst things about taking the bus?

On the Buses – Argentina

Alonsi! As we take again to the roads and this time, it’s Argentina to which we go! I took three long distance buses in Argentina, two of them were night (yay!) buses. Bus travel in Argentina can be reasonably comfortable, although I still place Peruvian buses as the best I experienced in South America. Argentina …

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On the Buses – Ecuador and Peru

If you’re heading to South America for any length of time, you’re going to be spending time on buses. Unless you fly everywhere I guess, but one thing is for sure – it’s not a continent widely connected by rail. Which is certainly disappointing for any rail buffs out there. Like myself. I did get …

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Travel Itineraries – USA Part Three

Howdy again and it’s time I returned to my planned series of itineraries by finally finishing my itinerary through the States. Part One saw me explore the east, part two New Orelans and Texas, and part three sees me go from Colorado to California. The whole itinerary needs probably a good three months, and today’s …

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Itineraries – USA Part One – The East

Hello folks, here I am on a Thursday with another itinerary for you. This is my 2004 itinerary for the USA. Now, I also visited the US in 1999, and interestingly enough I returned to all the places I did in that trip in 2004, obviously plus a few others. This one is going to …

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