Cameroon From the Diary – Classic Bus Ride to Yaounde!

Well, I have only two more diaries entries (including this one) to share with from destination Cameroon. This is the penultimate one and it sees me part ways with my travelling companion for Cameroon, Nila and take a bus ride by myself from Bamenda to Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. Enjoy!

Day Fifteen 6/7/2011

My time in Cameroon is coming to an end wow if it wasn’t for my health I would have loved it even more! Still feeling poorly but not deathly. Another nice sunny day like the last two, will try and keep today brief to allow 5 plus pages for tomorrow an lots of reflection! [the diary was fast running out of pages at this point and I didn’t want to write an entry across two separate books]

I was up by 9:30 – there was a mozzie or two but honestly they didn’t bother me and I had the best sleep in well since Limbe at least. Sleep has been bad in Cameroon! Brushed teeth and showered and there it goes ‘twang!’ shoulder region, damn it! Combination of uncomfortable rods and watching TV in bed, not to mention diary writing in bed.

Waiting on a Spaghetti Neapolitan – bag here in the restaurant and Nila. I am soon for Yaounde, we are to finally part ways after two weeks which also means my time in Cameroon is coming to an end. Wow!

So saying goodbye was quiet and weird. We both grabbed motos to different locations and we’re off down different streets but then I saw her again. We swept down a different road where I got one last postcard sent at the post office. The hotel reception had recommended that I use the bus company Amor Aezam. I got to their bus park and bought a ticket waiting for the bus to fill I arrived at 11:30 AM I had time to read around 30 pages before my neck had had enough of the main start and then I bought a CD of Jamaican sounds for a reasonable 500 CFA.

I climbed on board the bus poking faces at a young kid. It took forever to fill then we had a lady on board selling some sort of tonic she was followed by a pastor offering prayers and pamphlets. He was up and about it had all the required charisma. The kid plonked herself in front of me, seems her mum decided I could babysit her for the journey!

We finally began the journey of around at around 2:00 PM some issues with a foreign couple caused arguments all over the bus. They were on and off again but didn’t get to sit together in the end. The journey was over 6 hours – not a lot of people or villages on the way.

Pamphlet the preacher was handing out.

Legs hurt. So yes, more bus related pain in Yaounde at around 7:45 PM I couldn’t get my bag at the preliminary stop and it was another half hour to wherever it was we eventually stopped so I don’t recommend this company.

My intended hostel was a long way away now but I believe close to the first stop. Sigh. So I spotted this place the Chat. It expensive at 15,000CFA although the room is nice with TV and air con. No towel or toilet seat. I went down the road to a large patisserie and got a hamburger for dinner it was OK, good size taste was good! So Cameroon is almost up who knows where I am the room is quite plush just missing a few things I fear my cfa’s I’m now a bit low lady at receptions reckons I can get to the airport for 2000 CFA doubt it my neck and shoulder bad.

So I made it to my last stop in Cameroon on what was a memorable bus journey indeed. And uncomfortable too! So next week I’ll be sharing my final day in Cameroon! Thanks for reading – and May the Journey Never End!


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