Epic Journeys – Glasgow to Brecon

Join me on a Christmas journey from Scotland to Wales through England many years ago now when snow arrived to make Christmas very white indeed!

Border Crossings – the Bad

Last week I wrote about some of the better border crossings I’ve experienced. Today I’m going to talk about the less good experiences. So, I need to start with a caveat – I’ve never really been stuck with a really bad border crossing. What would that be? Well, probably one where I didn’t even get …

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Travel Itineraries – Bolivia

It’s been a while since I did a ‘Travel Itineraries’ post, so I thought it was time I looked at some of my itineraries in various places that I’ve been again. And for no particular reason, I decided to start with Bolivia today. Bolivia is a land-locked country in South America, and one that’s mostly …

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On the Buses – Argentina

Alonsi! As we take again to the roads and this time, it’s Argentina to which we go! I took three long distance buses in Argentina, two of them were night (yay!) buses. Bus travel in Argentina can be reasonably comfortable, although I still place Peruvian buses as the best I experienced in South America. Argentina …

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On the Buses – Bolivia

Howdy all. Back again looking at how it was crossing South America by bus. Last week I looked at Peru and Ecuador, today I continue southward through Bolivia. I expected to write about Bolivia and Argentina together but it turned out there was quite a bit to write about Bolivia on its own, so Argentina …

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Night Bus Adventures [Part Two]

Today I return to last Wednesday topic of the deadly and feared ‘night bus journey’. Honestly, I’d really rather not but sometimes you have to take one. It seems like in so many parts of the world it’s preferable to take the bus at night for everyone as compared to using daylight hours on travelling. …

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