Seven on Sunday – Travel Moments of 2015

It seems the whole world of blogging decided to do a review of their 2015 highlights recently. Well, I didn’t think of it until I saw everyone doing it because I’m a follower, not a leader. So, a little later than those who did it last year, here’s mine to kick of my blogs (that aren’t podcasts) this year! Enjoy!


7/ A Ferry on the Harbour

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House from the ferry.
Sydney Opera House from the ferry.

Really, Sydney Harbour is a seriously beautiful spot in the world, and just taking the ferry to Manly you get to appreciate how stunning it is. I happened to go there on a beautiful day weatherwise as well, so it was one of the best moments for me in 2015 with my new Nikon camera at the ready!


6/ Maori Feast

Rotorua, New Zealand

maori 1 maori 2

Actually it wasn’t really about the food, which was brilliant but not really Maori I guess, however the method of cooking under the ground (hampi) was Maori. The Mitai Maori village provided a cultural show as well and a walk through the forest. It was a magical, warm night.


5/ Hiking a Volcano

Near Auckland, New Zealand

At the top of Rangitoto Island.
At the top of Rangitoto Island.

This perhaps more for the achievement more than anything. Rangototo Island near Auckland is a beautiful spot to hike, even if every man and his dog was out there that day. In my current pretty horribly unfit form I made it to the top and back. Got to see across the bay to Auckland and also walked through some lava caves. Can’t say I’d hiked on a volcano before. This was pretty amazing!


4/ Taking the Trains in Myanmar


my train 2d

I took three train trips in Myanmar and they were all amazing. The poor state of the carriages and the bumpity rocking only made the trips through some amazing scenery more memorable. Going over the Gokteik Viaduct and doing the switchbacks on the route between Thazi and Inle Lake added a little unique specialness to the journeys too.


3/ Temples of Bagan

Bagan, Myanmar

Across Bagan
Across Bagan

wpid-bagan-3.jpg.jpeg wpid-bagan-4.jpg.jpeg

Thousands of temples, spread over a wide area that you can explore, climb and marvel at. What more is there to say?


2/ Meeting the Doctor

Sydney, Australia

It's Peter Capaldi, and me!
It’s Peter Capaldi, and me!
I felt so bad about how fat I look next to Peter Capaldi, I replaced myself with a picture from 2007.
I felt so bad about how fat I look next to Peter Capaldi, I replaced myself with a picture from 2007.

YES – I met the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, at the Doctor Who Festival in Sydney. He’s an amazing man and I am still a grinning fan even though I’m now in my forties. Worth the money of flying to Sydney, going to the festival, the hotel and photo fee? You bet it was.


1/ Spending Time with Tigers

Chiangmai, Thailand

Yep. Me and a tiger. So there! :)
Yep. Me and a tiger. So there! 🙂

Tiger Kingdom, not far from Chiangmai in Thailand, provided me with the best highlight of the year, and that was being able to get in a cage with tigers, pat them and have my photo taken with them. Seriously such a worthwhile thing to do that I wasn’t even interested in doing before I went to Thailand, and now I am so glad that I did.


What were your travel highlights for 2015? Please do comment below! May the Journey Never End!

9 thoughts on “Seven on Sunday – Travel Moments of 2015

  1. BBQboy

    Yes, everyone has a 2015 wrap up post and I’m way behind 😦 Looks like you had some interesting trips though and Myanmar and New Zealand both places we want to see one day. New Zealand for no other reason than Lissette wanting to see the Haka dance!
    Our highlights? South Africa, Croatia, and Budapest were probably the highlights. We spent more than 2 months in each (but we’re slow travellers) and could see ourselves in any of those places for a while longer.
    All the best in 2016 Andy!
    Frank (bbqboy)

      1. Thanks Andy, yes a beautiful place – we just came back from a 2 week road trip to the Garden Route and Karoo and really its one of the most stunning countries anywhere.

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