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Supanova in Melbourne. Cosplay, Autographs and Doctor Who. Again.

Howdy all. A post from home, about home. Well, something that happened in my home town. An event I attended. I mean, I was trying to think of the word that describes something like ‘Supanova’. It’s a sort of Comic-Con with a different name I guess. I also guess fans of Comic-Cons possibly would violently and passionately dispute that, but

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Cambridge to Paris – More Doctor Who Locations

Hi all. Just a quick Doctor Who-themed post this Friday for you. I was working on my previous Sunday post which was on Cambridge (Sunday Spotlight: Cambridge) and I recalled that one of my main reasons for wanting to visit this gorgeous university town was that it was the location where a Doctor Who story, ‘Shada’ had been filmed back

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Seven on Sunday – Travel Moments of 2015

It seems the whole world of blogging decided to do a review of their 2015 highlights recently. Well, I didn’t think of it until I saw everyone doing it because I’m a follower, not a leader. So, a little later than those who did it last year, here’s mine to kick of my blogs (that aren’t podcasts) this year! Enjoy!

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Seven on Sunday Doctor Who Planets I’d Like to Visit

For something a little different this Sunday, I thought I’d explore the planets the good Doctor has visited on his travel, and select seven I wouldn’t mind visiting! There certainly have been some amazing planets he’s been to, and so hurry up and create fast space travel so we can all get out there and visit them ASAP!   Gallifrey

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