The Best of Sunday Spotlight

Sunday Spotlight has been a great little segment that I’ve enjoyed writing very much! Here are some of my favourites I’ve written about in the last couple of years!

5. Agadez

Grand Mosque
Grand Mosque

ag 7

Agadez is a desert city in the African country of Niger. It’s a world away from everything, and perhaps the most remote place I have ever visited. Sunday Spotlight: Agadez.


4. York

tudor house in york

York, in norther England, is just simply a brilliant town with Tudor style houses, a wonderful train museum, history a plenty and some great city walls. Sunday Spotlight: York.


3. Astana

Presidential Palace, Astana
Presidential Palace, Astana

The capital of Kazakhstan may be trying to mirror Dubai in some aspects with all it’s outrageous buildings, but it is still unique. The scale of this dream-like city has to be seen to be believed. Sunday Spotlight: Astana.


2. Hiroshima, Japan

The A-bomb dome.
The A-bomb dome.

The first city in the world to have a nuclear bomb dropped on it, Hiroshima is a beautiful monument to peace today. It’s a very moving place to visit, yet the city is thriving and happy as well. Not too far away is the stunning Miyajima Island as well. Love this place! Sunday Spotlight – Hiroshima.


  1. Yangshuo – China
Not too shabby
Not too shabby

Yangshuo in Southern China is simply set in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The small, rocky mountains rise seemingly from nowhere, and the Li River is charming and a wonderful place to float along. The green scenery is simply breathtaking, it has to be seen to be believed. Like something from another world. In a good way! Sunday Spotlight – Yangshuo.


So, what do you think? I have written dozens of these Sunday Spotlights in the last two years – what have been your favourites? Thanks for reading, May the Journey Never End!

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