City Rumble – Melbourne Versus Shanghai

This time we have Australia's Melbourne and China's Shanghai locking horns to see which is the better city to visit! This could be a nail biter!

Roxy heads to incredible Ladakh

Ladakh and this part of India, the always controversial and disputed Jammu and Kashmir, have been in the news this year for mostly the wrong reasons with troops firing at each other from the Indian and Chinese sides of the border and general unrest. But there's no doubt that at the same time there is some special and peaceful about this part of the world. Roxy continues her incredible round the world by bike trip in this breathtaking region!

The Chinese Conundrum – Travel to China & How the Rise of China has affected the World of Travel

Today I’m going to look at the impact of China’s rising economy and it’s opening up to tourism on the world of travel. And this means more than just the influx of Chinese tourists on the scene. It has changed the way we travel to some degree, it’s opened up a very large and fascinating country to mass tourism in itself, it’s brought Chinese Airlines to prominence globally, it has changed the way the rest of the world views China, and finally and in 2020 most significantly it has resulted in a backlash – some real, some perceived – against the world’s most populous country.

Beijing – Pictures and Feel

The Chinese capital of Beijing is a pretty big city all told – over 21 million people. Recently the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square was commemorated. I saw a fascinating program on television where they interviewed those involved in the mass protests and it included a lot of footage actually shot at the time (not …

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