The Best of World Journeys Podcast!

Hi folks! I’m kicking off this series of ‘Best ofs’ with the podcast – usual day for Series Two being Saturday and all. Here are three of the best Podcasts from Series One – hope you enjoy them!


Episode Two with Dean Ruetzler

podcast banner ep2

Dean is a great character and wonderful to talk with about his experiences and tales of living in Japan and elsewhere teaching English as a second language. Lots of laughs and bizarre stories!

Episode Six with Andrew Higgins

podcast 6 banner copy

Andrew joins me to make double the Andrew on this episode where we talk more about life as an ESL teacher in Japan, this time in Tokyo and many of the curiosities there!

Episode Eight with Rob Lloyd

podcast rob lloyd

In this episode I talk with comedian and actor, not to mention presenter and all round amazing talent, Rob Lloyd. Rob took his own Doctor Who based show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014, and we have a talk about that very experience on this podcast!

I hope you enjoyed all these podcasts! If you search for World Journeys on Itunes you can indeed SUBSCRIBE to the podcast! Thanks for tuning in today, and May the Journey Never End!


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