My Travel Blogging Experience – Part Two

Jordanian desert in
Jordanian desert in

2007 saw a trip to the Baltics and a return to West Africa, finally completing the plan of making it from Dhaka to Dakar. Connections were generally better, although blogging or even checking emails in Mali was a big challenge. Still, in the other places I could upload a few photos and write about what I was doing.


In 2008 I went to Central Australia and Darwin, and yet when I looked at my blog there is not a single post from that entire year. There’s something that needs to be written on in a bit of detail! It seems strange to me looking at the blog because I was sure I posted a little on it. Then I don’t post again until August the 24th, 2009 as I prepared to head to Ethiopia, Dubai and Jordan. Very strange on my part.

It's me - at Uluru (Ayers' Rock)
It’s me – at Uluru (Ayers’ Rock)

After THAT trip, well, I didn’t post at all in 2010! I’m not sure what was going on. I guess I didn’t feel the need whilst at home to post, but today it’s quite different. Five years later I find that I am able to post far more easily whilst I am at home. I have more resources at hand, I can think about what I want to blog about and review, and indeed reminisce.

So what has happened personally for me is that the blog has moved from something I used to keep as a diary – which it turns out is great to have since my actual diaries are all gone thanks to a water logged garage, to something I do as a serious hobby now. In 2011 I had another big ten month trip where I was able to blog more frequently.

In 2012 I moved to Japan and that also gave me plenty of scope to continue blogging, and with less distractions I guess than home in Australia, I was able to build it up over two years. I made the decision to publish my ebooks as well (available through Amazon and Lulu! Plug plug plug!) and so I felt the need for a blog that contained permanent links to them. In January 2014 I started blogging here at Word Press.

And then I started researching how to build an audience. I had a few pointers from the amazing Cez from – most of which I am yet to put into action. I started the podcast too, to try and diversify my output into three categories – blogging, ebooks and podcasts. However, the podcast once home became one thing too many to keep going with work and other interests. It’s on the shelf and if I can I want to take it off again and do some more in the second half of the year, but it’s a lot of work for little reward. Again, though, these things take time to build.

Kids in Mali.
Kids in Mali.

So I am still to get my own address which I’m told will bring a larger audience and offers of advertising. I like the idea of making a few bucks off the blog, yet I’ve seen a few blogs that appear to be drowning in adverts so am a little wary of that. I intended to have an address 12 months ago but never moved on the plan.

The ebooks, which I had time in Japan to work on, have also become a side project that I simply have not been able to move on this year, or indeed since I returned to Australia May last year. I have the opening page to Short Journeys: Myanmar, and a little more on Short Journeys: Jordan but not sure when I will get the chance to work on either. You can only do so much, right? Keeping the blog going and publicising it (through facebook, Google + and Twitter) takes up enough time as it is! But, I now check stats regularly. I was regularly getting over 1000 views in a month, but recently I slacked off on the publicity and that has fallen to around 700. June, so far is looking like being much better though. Connecting via other travel bloggers has also been a big important step in attracting people to the blog. I should add though that I spend hours a week reading other blogs and commenting. Every day I wake to a whole bunch of new posts in my email to check out. As you can see, it’s a challenge. Which I love by the way!

So, that’s my travel blogging story. What’s yours?

Oh. And nearly forgot – May the Journey Never End!


  1. I haven’t tried podcast – you did quite a lot! I used Flickr to post images on daily basis – sort of of photo blog back then I think. Now I am just stick with wordpress 😀 Great opening image – love it!!

  2. I shared a 900-kilometer cab ride with four other people in 1990. It was uncomfortable, and I thought it would never end.

  3. I did have a blog some time back but I was not travelling then so it eventually got a silent death…haha…I tried with mine now because I found that I have so much stories and tips to share with friends and I like giving people advice so I started mine…:) It’s good that your blog is doing good now, your hard work has paid off! I remember you starting around the same time as me and you are way better at engaging the audience even when you are so busy. I’m still trying to manage mine but the break did me some good so hopefully I can work on building my blog properly now…:)

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