Madaba and Mount Nebo – Through My Lens [Jordan]

My final photographic post from Jordan sees me visiting Mt Nebo, Madaba and the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

Five ‘Must-Sees’ in the Middle East

The Middle East is certainly one of the world’s most interesting, ancient, stunning regions. Sure, it’s got its political issues – what place doesn’t? And yes, it tends to get very hot and a little too sunny at times, but also it’s a region so rich with things that are incredibly rewarding and truly unforgettable. …

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Petra in Pictures – Jordan’s Amazing Ancient City

Jordan's most visited tourist site with over 800,000 visitors in 2018 is, and had to be, Petra. I visited back in 2009, spent a hot day in the sun there exploring, climbing rocks and hills and taking many photos. The site of this ancient city, one of the seven 'new' wonders of the world, was …

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City Rumble – Cairo Versus Amman

Let’s head to the Middle East for today’s ‘City Rumble’, I am surprised I haven’t included Cairo in a City Rumble before, and I don’t think I’ve really posted about Amman before at all. So anyways, here we are with the capitals of Egypt and Amman facing off against each other. They are, on the …

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