Talking Cruise & Travel Interview with Anna from ‘The World of Cruise and Travel’!

YES new exclusive interview today! And today it's with Anna Koss from Germany, who runs the blog 'The World of Cruise and Travel', which as the title suggests, is about travel and indeed the world of cruising. I discovered her blog earlier this year and have really enjoyed her posts. It's great to learn a bit about the world of cruises. 2020 has not been kind to the cruise industry, with images of cruise ships being broken up being shown on the news here lately, but one day (we all hope) 2020 will be a distant memory, and cruises will be back. A good friend of mine used to work on cruise ships and loved it. So it's great to get a little bit of opinion and more about cruises - I have NEVER been on a cruise in my life by the way! So anyways, I'm sure you'll enjoy my interview with Anna Koss!

Gymnastics & Travel Combine! Interview with Travel Blogger Diana DiMarco!

Today's interview is with a blogger whose blog I only recently discovered and is fast becoming one of my favourites. The title 'Handstands Around the World' certainly grabbed my attention as 'something different', which is always something I look out for. Diana Di Marco runs this blog and today I'm so privileged that she's taken time out to answer the questions I set!

Irish Eyes in Japan – An Interview with Travel Blogger Lynda Hogan!

Sunday means 'interview' here on Andy's World Journeys and this time I'm 'chatting' with friend and fellow blogger, Lynda Hogan. Lynda hails from Ireland but lives in Saitama, Japan hence my incredibly corny title for the this post (sorry Lynda!). Lynda's blog details all the things there are to do in Saitama, and as such is a great source of knowledge for anyone who's planning a trip to Japan. She's also a mum, and has that in mind in many instances when she blogs.

Travel Bloggers – Allane from Packing My Suitcase

Today I interview Allane from Packing My Suitcase, another wonderful blog. I hope you enjoy the interview!   Hey guys, I'm Allane from Packing my Suitcase. On my blog I write about my travels, diving, Formula 1, traveling with a dog, share practical tips, and about my life as an expat in Germany. What made …

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Travel Bloggers – Shikha from It’s a Wonderful World

Today's blogger interview is with Shikha from 'It's a Wonderful World'. I've been following her blog for a year I think now and it's always full of great stories and photos. So I'm sure you'll enjoy this interview with Shikha!     Hello from New York! “It’s a Wonderful World” is a collection of my …

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Travel Bloggers – Renuka from Voyager for Life

Today I'm interviewing Renuka from 'Voyager for Life'. Renuka's blog is always thoughtful and has a lot of writings about places in India that are off the beaten track. Renuka's photography is simply amazing and she really brings every place she blogs about to life. I'm sure you'll enjoy this interview with her!   I’m …

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Travel Blogger – Svetlana from Maverickbird

Today's Travel Blogger series sees my interview Svetlana from Maverickbird. Hers was one of the first travel blogs I ever started following religiously. It's full of beautiful photos and exotic places, but I think the BEST thing about it is the content. The writing is so in-depth and carefully thought out. It will make you …

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