Sunday Spotlight – Luxembourg

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So. If you’re in Europe and want to go somewhere that doesn’t quite see the tourists that the big cities of Paris, Rome, Prague etc see, let me suggest one to you – Luxembourg. One of the smaller countries in Europe, Luxembourg and its main city, Luxembourg, are both charming spots to visit and although they see tourists regularly, it’s not enough to overwhelm the visitor.

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Yes, the place is a little more sleepy than some of the big drawcards of Europe, but it’s still awash with history, has plenty to see and do and is located up near Belgium without actually being part of Belgium, a shortish train ride from many main places, so if you are spending time city-hopping in Europe, it makes for a well-positioned change of pace.

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Luxembourg the city (well, town may be more apt) is a citadel built onto a big rock/mountain. It’s a stunning location, and the town is filled with squares and cobblestone roads, churches, museums and the like. It’s really the perfect sort of European town to visit. I stayed in the YHA which is located not too far from an impressive aqueduct which makes for a wonderful photo or two. The hostel itself is a little institutional but I had a dorm bed when I was there 3 years ago and unlike some of the other dorms I stayed in on that trip, I didn’t mind sharing with strangers there.

It’s very clean and has a great outdoor dining area, and from memory was very reasonably priced. It gets the thumbs up from me.

What is great value in Luxembourg is the Luxembourg card. It is under 10 Euro (It was 6.10 when I was there) and gave me entrance to a number of museums around the town. The Museum of the History of Luxembourg was very interesting and probably the best museum I visited in town. You get into a couple of galleries too which I found interesting. There’s a couple of old churches worth visiting as well.

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Perhaps the best part of Luxembourg though is visiting the Casemates du Bock. A network of tunnels sort of under the citadel which are great fun to explore and they open out here and there to viewing platforms for great photo opportunities. Be careful though – I slipped at one point and bounced down half a dozen stairs!

lux 11

Luxembourg is also a city that you needn’t worry too much about public transport in – you can walk most places. Yes, there are plenty of hills but nothing is too far and you will find some amazing vistas if you just let yourself go with no set plan but to explore and discover.

lux 8

And of course – there’s lots more that I didn’t see. I had two days in the town though and I think you can see quite a bit of the town in that time. So, if you’re heading Europe-way, please do consider… Luxembourg!


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