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Foto Friday – Hill of Crosses

2007 and I visited Lithuania along with the other Baltic Countries. Perhaps nothing so amazing as the ‘Hill of Crosses’, a short bus journey from Šiauliai, a university town north of Vilnius. It’s a hill covered in crosses, perhaps 100,000 of them dating back to the 19th century standing in memory of those who fell in the 1831 rebellion. But people

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Sunday Spotlight – Stary Smokevic (Slovakia)

Today’s spotlight, well, there’s only so much I can tell you in words about this place. Stary Smokevic is a little mountain town in Slovakia, not far from the Polish border in the Tatra mountains. It’s really a beautiful little spot. I first learnt about it in 2004 when I entered Europe via Bulgaria in my big Dhaka to Dakar

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Foto Friday – Power in Georgia

One thing I remember strongly from my time in the amazing village of Jikanjuri in Georgia, 2011, was this power relay box where the entire village’s power came through. It, not surprisingly perhaps, would ‘blow’ regularly and the whole town would be without electricty. The worst example was in November 2011 when it was freezing, there was even snow, and

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Value Destinations – Uzbekistan

Hi everyone! In the new year I am searching for some new ideas for posts, and this is one I’ve come up with ‘Value Destinations’ – that’s places that I reckon represent a decent bang for your buck. Some places can be quite frustrating because money disappears at a rate if knots, your accommodation is a little more expensive than

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