Seville – Through My Lens Part One

Come take a virtual trip to southern Spain and it's beautiful city of Seville! Today (part one!) I share some of my best photos!

Eurovision #ThrowbackThursday Worst Eurovision Songs

Hey all. Weird is weird, but some songs at Eurovision were just plain dreadful. Sure, it can be somewhat subjective. But these ones, I'm pretty confident, we can all agree scrape the very bottom of the barrel. This one is 2001 from Israel. 'Ping Pong'. These songs seem to have one thing in common - …

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2019 – A Crazy Trip in the Planning Stage!

So the time has come to reveal all about the plans for the year. Sometimes I am able to contain myself and keep the plans limited, like last year to India and Sri Lanka. This year… less so! This year I have sort of thrown off the shackles and decided to get as much in …

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Eurovision Throwback Thursday – Dami Im

Hi all! Here in Australia we have just had a televised contest to choose the song that we will send to Europe. It was the sort of affair that completely mimicked the contest itself, and the winner was Kate Miller Heidke with 'Zero Gravity', a very Eurovision song indeed, one with that added dose of …

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First Taste – Istanbul (Turkey)

Istanbul is a seriously impressive city. I don’t know if, considering the troubles the country is having right now, it’s getting its usual flow of tourists – I suspect it is not. But for me it was my first taste of Turkey before heading south. Which is a little odd in a way considering I …

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