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City Rumble – Budapest versus Bucharest

I guess it was only natural that eventually I would pit these two Eastern European cities against each other in a ‘City Rumble’, and so today is the day! The capital of Hungary against the capital of Romania. Two cities with similar sounding names (just ask Michael Jackson who called Bucharest Budapest to his fans from the balcony of the

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Accommodation Review – Hotel La Cupula, Copacabana, Bolivia

When planning a stop on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia I found this hotel and immediately was entranced by it on the web. The photos of it made it look absolutely amazing. As photos often do when they are chosen and formatted for a business website. The website is here – Hotel Cupula. You’ll see what I mean it’s wonderful use

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At the (other) Copacabana. And the Isla Del Sol

​No, I’m not in Brazil. Yet. I’m here in the delightful little town of Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca, in Bolivia around 8-10 km from the Peruvian border. I’ve had three days of sunshine, and a great chance to relax a little. Why, today I even slept in! There’s not an awful lot to do here, which is

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A Day in Croatia

Let me tell you about a day I had back in 2004. I had been in Montenegro for the best part of the week on the cost in Budva, and visited Kotor from there, and let me tell you, it’s so beautiful and a wonderful place to go and I had a brilliant time. 30 plus each day, sunny skies,

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Seven on Sunday – Ways to Budget for your Backpacker Dream! (Part One)

So. You want to go on amazing ‘trip of a lifetime’ (I discovered quickly that you can have more than one 😉 ) and the biggest question is – how to budget for the darned thing? Today I present Seven Ways to Budget for Your Backpacker Dream! Sorry to split it into two parts again – but it got so

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