Travel Challenge – Day Three

Hi folks! Yes it's time for another challenge. Where is this? Somewhere I wouldn't mind being right now... Keep your guesses coming! Keep the guesses coming! May the Journey Never End!

Itineraries – My first solo trip to Europe via Eurail

Howdy all. I thought with today’s post I would get all sentimental-like and reminisce about my first time as a backpacker in Europe, as part of my first time around the world back in 1999. Yep – LAST CENTURY! I’m old. So anyways, on this occasion I concentrated on Western Europe. For the sake of …

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The Final Wrap – School’s Out!

Well... that's that! In a blink of an eye, somehow I am finished with teaching schools in Japan. Today, at my second school, a special needs school, I went to graduation. It was an interesting day, some happy faces, some nervous ones.     It is interesting to me that comparing the two, very very …

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