Down in Dushanbe the Surprising Tajik Capital

Yes folks it’s dinner time here in Dushanbe and I’m at Cafe Merve awaiting my dinner. It’s a very popular Turkish cafe/restaurant and it’s been a long day.The city has surprised me in many ways. Firstly it feels a lot bigger than I was expecting. It’s buildings are on the grand side in the fashion of Astana. Well not quite. I went to the world’s largest teahouse today which in fact is a conference centre full of ballrooms and conference halls. It was just massive!I also headed out to see an ancient site of Hisor where they’ve sort if reconstructed a fortress but not really. Underneath lies the remains of the real fortress.It’s been weird getting into the swing of travel and backpacking. Negotiating for taxis and walking loads. But hey you don’t forget. Oh and share taxis are and their crazy drivers.The people here on the face of it seem closed but when you get talking they are very friendly and I had a 90 minute chat with a great guy Suhrob in the tourist office on the second floor of a random building.It’s fair to say that Tajikistan is not used to foreign tourists outside the other ‘stans. However it seems to have a really good selection of eateries. I had local food for lunch, Ukrainian last night and Turkish tonight.Hope you’re well wherever you are and May the Journey Never End!

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