Little Places – Qutab Minar [Delhi, India]

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Here’s a ‘little place’ I visited in India back in 2004. It’s in Delhi, but not in the centre so to get there you need to investigate public transport, or as I did, hire an auto-rickshaw. This proved a good idea for me as I was able to stop at I think three or four things on route to and from the centre of town.

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Qutab Minar, or Qutb Minar as I have also seen it written, is a minaret surrounded by a complex commissioned to be built at the very end of the twelfth century. It was built on the site of ruins of several Jain and Hindu temples, and is obviously Islamic.

qutab minar 5 qutab minar 3

Today it’s a wonderful place to get out of the hustle and bustle of Delhi, walk around beautiful gardens, explore ancient architecture which though in ruins is still holding up pretty well, and admire the minaret itself. Climbing the inside of the minaret (there are stairs inside) used to be possible until 1974 when an electrical failure plunged the inside into darkness and 45 people died in a stampede.

At the base of the minaret.
At the base of the minaret.
Beautiful Gardens at the complex.
Beautiful Gardens at the complex.

qutab minar 4

Personally, I enjoyed the place because it was quite quiet and serene. There were plenty of visitors, however the complex is big enough that you can find yourself a little bit of space to appreciate where you are without too much trouble. Or if you like people watching, you’ll see tourists, schools groups and groups of university students hanging out and chatting about the meaning of life. Well, I’m not 100% on the topic there.

Corridors of the complex.
Corridors of the complex.

The first time I went to Delhi I didn’t even know about Qutab Minar, but when I went back I had seen photos online and was sure I wanted to go there, and I did. It proved a rewarding place to spend an hour or so. Have you been?

Thanks for reading, May the Journey Never End!


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