Air Crash Investigation Classic – Qantas A380

air crash investigation banner copy

After I started this series with an utter disaster where the most people died in a single crash in the history of aviation, today I wanted to give you the other side of the story. This is the Qantas flight that basically had an engine explode mid-flight after taking off from Singapore in a brand new plane, the Airbus A380. The team in the cockpit were brilliant in bringing the plane in with no real further incident and no fatalities.

Pilots are trained to deal with emergency situations, and there are some brilliant pilots out there. Watch this one to re-affirm this! and May the Journey Never End!



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  1. These shows give me the willies, and I regret having watched them whenever I have to board an airplane.

      1. The companies that own the self-service traveler’s insurance vending machines at airports would probably invest in such a scheme.

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