Scams, Earthquakes and Ringo Guesthouse

1999 and I wanted to stay in the Ringo Guest House in Delhi. But it wasn't so simple. But then again, it's a good story and a very cheap place to stay!

Ultimate Rajasthan Itinerary (IMO!)

Hi there. Well it’s been ages since I’ve done a post on itineraries, so I thought I might as well look at my two experiences in Rajasthan and put together what I would recommend doing/seeing if I had a bit longer. Because it’s a large state and frankly slower travel in India is much preferable …

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Why You Must Visit India Before You Die!

This is what I have maintained since a little while after my first visit to India – it’s the one country that despite fears or worries you might have, you really need to go there before you die. Why? Because, amongst the amazing sights, experiences and people there, you will find some perspective on this …

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Airline Review – Sri Lankan Airlines

This year I had the opportunity to take Sri Lankan airlines for the first and second times. I flew from Delhi to Colombo and from Colombo to Melbourne. Sri Lankan Airlines is a full service airline based in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo. And if you want a direct service to or from Australia, …

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Accommodation Review Delhi – TrimRooms Star Plaza

Arriving after a day on a train in Delhi at half past ten at night, greeted by the usual array of auto-rickshaw drivers asking inflated prices, the only thing I wanted was to relax in a comfortable hotel room. And I’d booked ahead as I always seem to do these days. In fact I think …

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Revenge of the Tuk-Tuk!

Ahhh hello. Yes, the ‘humble’ tuk-tuk. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in them in my travels. A lot of fun, or a lot of hassle? Or perhaps a bit of both. I’ve gone with ‘tuk-tuk’, although in India I used to know then as an ‘auto’ or indeed ‘auto-rickshaw’. I’ve also heard the …

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Surviving Delhi

‘Oh no…. it’s another post where Andrew bags out the Indian capital!’ – I know that’s what you’re thinking. And… you’re absolutely right! Sorry, I wasn’t going to go against every opinion about the place I’ve ever expressed and surprise you with an ironic post about how much I secretly love Delhi. That would be, …

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