Re-blog Saturday – Time ticks away in Georgia

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Saturday again, more stories from Georgia. This post dates from the 26th of November, 2011. 
Hello everyone
Things continue here in Georgia, most days being filled with the English teaching and school matters. The weather here is diabolical – There was a day a couple of weeks ago when the weather in Batumi closed over something fierce and well, there was sleet and hail a plenty. And then some snow. The mountains surrounding Jikhanjuri (my village) are covered in snow. It’s rather pretty.
This week I took a chance to visit the second biggest city in Georgia, Kutaisi. It’s a pretty nice place all told, much nicer than Batumi or Kobuleti, with museums and statues. Unfortunately I visited on St George’s day – a major holiday here as you can imagine. The main church was in use and the museums were closed. The weather was awesome on Tuesday when I left, but on Wednesday the weather was again freezing, sleet and snow.


Inside the church at Motsameta
Not far from Kutaisi is the church of Motsameta, set in a beautiful valley even with the bad weather it was clear that this was a special place.



Valley at Motsameta.

Just a small church perched above a raging river and below snow capped hills. It was a 20 minute walk from the main road, which would be awesome – in sunshine. But the low clouds in the valley still made it quite a beautiful place to visit.

Interesting wall in central Kutaisi.

Back in Kutaisi I enjoyed wifi at McDonald’s before it disappeared. Ahh Georgia… reliable electricity? What was that again? The weather remained miserable and it took me two hours to dry out. I did enjoy my hot hotel room though and something a little different from the beans and borscht I get at home. No problems though – the food is great and plentiful with my host family, no cause to complain, I have had awesome hospitality here.

Houses struggle to stay up on the banks of the river in Kutaisi.

It’s hard to believe my time is running out. I realise that I have become pretty close with my host family. Now that winter is upon us the downstairs with the fire is much warmer than my room with its little heater. But I am surviving most nights warm enough, however Monday night the power was down (as is often the fashion) and things weren’t so warm.

Time is almost up not just for Georgia but for the whole Trip 2011. A couple of weeks back I went to a wedding too so been able to enjoy some of the culture here.

Batumi covered in hail and snow,


Wedding celebrations Georgian style.


Thanks for reading, May the Journey Never End!

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