From Around the Web – Pakistani Mountain Wedding

His all! And my travels around the web this week have brought me to the mountains of destination Pakistan, courtesy of the effervescent Eva Zu Beck. Amazing video - Enjoy! Thanks for popping by today - May the Journey Never End!

Re-blog Saturday – Time ticks away in Georgia

Saturday again, more stories from Georgia. This post dates from the 26th of November, 2011.  Hello everyone Things continue here in Georgia, most days being filled with the English teaching and school matters. The weather here is diabolical - There was a day a couple of weeks ago when the weather in Batumi closed over …

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A Georgian Wedding

When travelling there are lots of different events you might like to attend from festivals to Eurovision. No seriously, it’s awesome and why wouldn’t you? But I think there’s something incredibly special about attending a wedding when travelling. I’ve attended at least three (off the top of my head) when travelling, two in Germany for …

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