Faces of Mali

banner faces of mali copy

Warning! Your heart is about to melt when you see these faces! Mali is a dry dry country in West Africa. I visited quite a few years ago now – seems hardly possible it was so long ago – and visited the Dogon country, Mopti, Segou, Djenne, and the capital Bamako. So here is a selection of the faces I saw in this amazing country.

dogon children dogon children 2 dogon child children at dogon 1 dogon child 2

So all these pics above are of children from the Dogon country from various villages. I visited and amazing village at the top of the escarpment and there was a small school there. Amazing stuff!
at artisans market bamako

These two young lads are doing wood sculpture at the Artisans’ Market, Bamako.at fetish stall bamako

Child at a fetish stall, Bamako.

bricks in djenne

Guide in Djenne showing how mud bricks are made and used.at hotel bamako

Two guys working at my hotel in Bamako.dogon guide

Dogon country guide.man weaving dogon

Weaving in the Dogon Country.medicine man dogon

Medicine man at a Dogon village.mopti islandChildren and adults on a small island near Mopti.on the river mopti

Guide and boat owner, Mopti.


Well, I was amazed just going through these pics! Hope they brought a smile to you day! May the Journey Never End!

5 thoughts on “Faces of Mali

  1. I really admire these kids, all of them! They are so poor but still happy, smiling and having so much fun! Europe is just the opposite … technology is really killing kids these days – just phones, computers and social media…

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