Foto Friday – That’s me – in Mali!

banner foto friday copy

Hi folks! Hope this photo finds you well. For a little while I’ve decided to specifically put up photos of myself on Friday. I was once told that the only problem with my travel photos was that they didn’t include me! I always rationalised that by saying that I know what I look like, and so do most people looking at the photos. I was then told ‘but how do we know you were really there?’ SIGH. So, here we go. Foto Friday to be filled with the vital proof that I was where I say I was!

Photo number one. In a car in Mali waiting to get on a ferry to cross to the town of Djenne. Enjoy!

in a car mali

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you may be, and May the Journey Never End!


  1. I know the feeling. Seeing as I travel alone most of the time I rarely have photos of myself at the amazing places I visit. I now make a point of asking someone to take my photo or try and set up my camera for a self capture.

  2. I remember watching a news item once about someone who had visited every sovereign nation on earth, but when it came time to prove it, some of his pictures were of him in a boardroom in some countries, which could’ve really been anywhere! So I’m all for selfies and the like πŸ™‚

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