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Cambridge to Paris – More Doctor Who Locations

Hi all. Just a quick Doctor Who-themed post this Friday for you. I was working on my previous Sunday post which was on Cambridge (Sunday Spotlight: Cambridge) and I recalled that one of my main reasons for wanting to visit this gorgeous university town was that it was the location where a Doctor Who story, ‘Shada’ had been filmed back

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Sunday Spotlight – Cambridge

Hallo again! Hope your weekend is going well. This Sunday I’m shining the spotlight on a place I visited earlier this year, the quintessential ‘University Town’ – Cambridge. Sure, there’s Boston in the States, or Oxford much closer, but there’s no doubt that for atmosphere, history, alumni and well… the scale of the universities, Cambridge is the ultimate in University

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London’s National Portrait Gallery

One place I went this year in London that I really enjoyed was the National Portrait Gallery. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting London with an eye on history and especially British Royalty. For starters – it, like many museums and galleries in London, is FREE. Plenty of people there to check it out, but not nearly the crush

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London Larks

Howdy from the capital of England, Great Britain and the Whoniverse. Although that might be Cardiff these days. It’s Satuday evening, tomorrow morning I take the Eurostar to Paris. Again, it’s been a busy week here, Cambridge and Sheffield. I was planning on a bit more of a relaxing time, but well, I’ve been up to many things every day

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Brexit Stage Right?

Hello folks if any are still out there after my prolonged absence. I have some thoughts about blogging and where I’m at to share however I think I’ll save them for another post because clearly I have a topic in mind with this one. Yes, Britain leaving the EU. Well it’s on many people’s minds. Interesting that my facebook feed

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Things to see and do in… Oxford

Hello folks! Today I thought I’d share a few thoughts and pictures about Oxford. Firstly – it’s a great place to head in the summer break. It’s obviously a university town, and an historic one at that, and you’ll find people from all over the planet there. What will you find there? Pitt Rivers Museum A wonderful museum full of

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