The Man Living at an International Airport

There are many interesting places in the world to live. But what if you had your house and farm smack bang in the middle of Japan's busiest airport?

Little Places – Miyajima (Japan)

Of all the incredible cities in Japan, Hiroshima ranks up there simply because of the fact that the whole thing was rebuilt after the Second World War, and that it stands as a huge monument for anyone who is anti-war and anti-nuclear weapons. It’s a friendly, fun city, perhaps not what all visitors expect, but …

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3 Spots on Sunday – Stopover Cities between Australia and Europe

Flying from Australia to Europe is a long, LONG journey, and bar an experimental flight from Perth to Europe (London I think) you need to change planes at some point in the Middle East or Asia. There are many options – off the top of my head Doha, Abu Dhabi, Delhi, Colombo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, …

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Matsuo Kouzan – Abandoned Town in Japan

The idea of exploring an abandoned town, I must admit, is kinda of exciting. Here in Australia abandoned towns are often cordoned off – certainly abandoned buildings in Melbourne are barricaded and people are forbidden from entering, but in Japan there are apparently a few places you can visit. I was inspired to write this …

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Cities on Sunday – Tokyo

Wham bam thankyou Mam! Tokyo is a city with everything. It’s an incredible combination of skyscrapers, neon lights, parks and shrines, salary men and cosplayers in the Harajuku area. It has Maid Cafes, a Robot Restaurant (still to visit for me!), two Disney theme parks, a tower, a Skytree, and incredible metro system, brilliant museums, …

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