The Best of Train Journeys

Today’s ‘Best of’ is looking back at my four favourite ‘Train Journeys’. I’ll let you in on a secret – I think Train Journeys is my favourite segment I have written. Here are four amazing train journeys that if you’re in the region you simply must visit!

4. The Ghan – Darwin to Alice Springs

Two diesel engines pulling proudly and strong!
Two diesel engines pulling proudly and strong!

This amazing journey through the Australian outback goes from the northern capital south to Alice Springs in the centre of Australia, with a stop at Katherine. A brilliant journey!


3. Benin – Cotonou to Parakou

Train at Cotonou Station.
Train at Cotonou Station.

One of the more unusual and least known rail journeys, my day on the rails in the West African country of Benin was unforgettable!


2. Kazakhstan – Almaty to Semey

Lenin statue in a park in Semey.
Lenin statue in a park in Semey.

What a wonderful experience and adventure it was taking the train through the Kazakh steppe!


  1. India – Darjeeling

dar 6

This toy train up and down the mountain is brilliant. I mean, it’s a train in the Himalayas. And of course, it’s a steam train. Probably my favourite of all the journeys I’ve done. But boy there have been some amazing ones!


What’s YOUR most memorable train journey? Please do comment! And May the Journey Never End!


  1. I love train journeys. I haven’t done any of these but I have done the TASARA from Dar es Salaam almost to Lusaka. The India Pacific from Adelaide to Perth and also the train from Victoria Falls to Bulawayo…. and also lots of shorter journeys around Europe.

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