The Best of City Rumble

Although I’ve only done about half a dozen posts on ‘City Rumble’, there have already been some favourites. Here are my three favourite battles between two cities to see who came out on top!


3/ Dubai versus Astana

dubai astana banner

Both are amazing cities in this post-modern world, with the most incredible assortment of buildings. Take a look!


2/ Shanghai versus Tokyo

shanghai tokyo banner

These two Asian Mega-cities fight it out to see which is the most amazing, the most worth visiting. Who will it be?


1/ New York City versus London

nyc london

Well, it had to be, right? Two of the world’s most legendary cities against each other. Which do YOU prefer? And hey, out of all six, which would you most like to visit! Please do comment, and May the Journey Never End!


  1. My vote is Tokyo. London and NY I’ve seen, Astana I’m curious about, and Dubai and Shanghai I can’t say I’m interested in either. But Tokyo so different – and weirder – than anywhere. It’s a place that’s on our short list.
    Frank (bbqboy)

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