Faces of Japan


I’m delighted to continue on with my ‘Faces of’ series and take you to Japan. These photos all come from my first visit in April 2011. Still in some ways feels like yesterday. Hope you enjoy.at karaoke tokyo

Final night before flying off I went to a karaoke bar and had an utter blast in Roppongi. Met some lovely people too.baby kyoto

A youngster at the bus depot in Kyoto.geisha kyoto

This geisha or maiko was standing outside a show in Kyoto collecting donations for the tsunami of March 2011, less than a month after it had occurred. japan mormons

These guys were from on a tram in Hiroshima. They are Mormons looking to spread the word.kyoto couple

This couple were at an underground station in Kyoto. How could I NOT ask for their photo?man kyoto manga girls kyoto

Cosplayers at Kyoto’s Manga Museum.
memorial hiroshima

Faces of some of the dead from the world’s first-dropped atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
missing people kyoto

Despite not being able to read Japanese, I was moved somehow by a series of ‘missing persons’ flyers on my first day in Japan – Kyoto.
staff hiroshima

Friendly staff at the hostel in Hiroshima.


Thanks for stopping by today – May the Journey Never End!

9 thoughts on “Faces of Japan

  1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    I think I’d probably feel a bit moved seeing the missing person’s posters, perhaps even more so when you can’t understand the text it gives you more to reflect on. What a little sweetheart at the bus depot 🙂

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