Hi Ho Time to Get ready!

So, my brief getaway is not far away at all. It’s Thursday here in sunny Australia, and I’m on leave from Saturday (when I’m going to my sister’s wedding) and then on Sunday I am off to Sydney, followed by New Zealand on Tuesday next week.

So you know, packing. I’ve never left it this late. I’m so exhausted after not having any sort of break since I got back mid-March that it seems an unclimbable hill, but I expect I’ll get it done before I go. As long as I have tickets and a passport, right?

Sunday and Monday see me in Sydney. Sunday I am attending the ‘Doctor Who Festival’. Yes, I am a geek. So what? You knew this already. Unless you just started reading my blog and now don’t want to anymore. Oops. Monday I plan to see the usual Sydney sights such as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge because I don’t have any photos of these things. Which I feel I will be needing, I have no firm plans and as I am taking the 6am flight Sunday morning I may not be full of energy come Monday.

hi ho 1

Tuesday I fly to Auckland and then Rotorua, the second leg on a very small plane. It’s only a 40 minute flight but I confess to being quite nervous. This will be on Air New Zealand, Qantas will be taking me to Sydney from Melbourne. On my way home, the flight from Auckland to Melbourne will be with Emirates, so as you can see I am not going budget airline. In fact – I JUST read an article listing the world’s 15 best airlines and all three were on it.

pic from wikipedia
pic from wikipedia

Rotorua for four days. There will be geysers and Hobbits I believe. Hopefully some time to unwind and a nice walk or two. Oh and there’s a tour on am amphibious car which goes on land and lake. THAT I have to try.

Auckland well, I haven’t really planned much but I’ll take it as it comes. My hotels are all booked, so are my flights, I am very much looking forward to ten days without work.

Whilst away I will be posting, but just quick updates I think, not huge long posts. (possibly famous last words) I’ll review stuff when I get back. So the next 10 days ish will be a bit different on the blog. In other news I have slated Saturday 5th December as the date the podcast will return. Just edited episode one, have four in the can as it is but hope to make this series at least 7 or 8 episodes.

Thanks for reading, come back soon! And of course, May the Journey Never End!


  1. Small plane are great, have some fantastic memories from Costa Rica.
    I’m screwing with you – small planes suck, especially in mountainous countries. I’ve never pooped my pants but came pretty close to it in CR,
    Frank (bbqboy)

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