Quirky museums

Today’s post I’m looking at a few museums I’ve visited (and one that I haven’t) that were a little bit different for one reason or another. The world is full of museums, and it’s not very hard to tire of them after seeing a few. Well, here are some that might keep your interest as they are a little bit ‘different’!


Hat museum

The Nurom Hat Museum is located in Kumasi, Central Ghana. It’s not, sadly, a museum that I have managed to visit as of yet but I did plan to go there back in 2006 when I went to Ghana, and you never know, one day I might. I mean, an entire museum devoted to hats? How bloody awesome is that?


Noodles museum and Ramen Museum

Inside Yokohama's Cup Noodles Museum
Inside Yokohama’s Cup Noodles Museum

Take a trip to Yokohama, Japan to see not one but TWO noodle themed museums. How can you go wrong? The Noodles Museum is set up in a pretty modern stylish building in the bay area of Yokohama. Inside you’ll relive the history of instant noodles which came about as a response to wide-spread hunger in Japan after the Second World War. Learn home to cook your own cup noodles, see a display of hundreds of different cup noodle designs, and see some noodle-inspired art.

The Ramen Museum is a little different. It’s basically an artificial streetscape inside a building in Yokohama where various vendors have set up their own shops to sell Ramen. There are again floor dedicated to perhaps Japan’s favourite kind of noodle, Ramen as well, but it’s the atmosphere and recreation of times past that really makes this museum worth visiting.

The Ramen Museum streetscape, Yokohama
The Ramen Museum streetscape, Yokohama

Terror house

In Budapest is perhaps not so much a quirky museum, but one that’s a bit different. It’s a museum to (and yet against) all the tyranny Budapest has been through in recent-ish history, mostly focussed on Nazi-ism, Communism and the Soviets. It’s very confronting, but also interesting and needless to say, a little sad.

Terror Hauz, Budapest.
Terror Hauz, Budapest.

Check Point Charlie Museum

In Berlin you’ll find this little museum right near the old ‘Check Point Charlie’ where you went from Soviet Berlin to American Berlin and vice versa. It’s a museum dedicated to the wall and the attempts to escape from one side to the other. Full of interesting stories, it’s very quirky too with everything jammed into a small space over a number of small but fascinating floors in the building. Possibly my favourite thing in Berlin, a city I really like!

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

ARHS Train Museum

There are plenty of train museums all around the world. The one in York is particularly awesome, there are quite a few interesting train museums in Japan as well, but closer to my home is a great little train museum I think any train enthusiast who visits Melbourne would be well off visiting.

train mueseum

The Australian Rail Historical Society Museum in Williamstown is easily visited by taking a train to beautiful Williamstown, a seaside suburb of Melbourne which deserves a day or two to be explored by the visitor. A short walk and you’ll find the museum which is back open after being closed for a number of years. It’s staffed and run by volunteers and there are so many amazing engines and carriages to explore, it could keep you enthralled for hours. You may, however, need a predisposition to trains. You have been warned!


President’s Museum, Astana

Nazabayev greets the visitor at the President's Museum, Astana.
Nazabayev greets the visitor at the President’s Museum, Astana.

This takes the cake for the most egotistical museum I think it’s fair to say. Kazakhstan’s own President’s museum in its own surreal capital, Astana. It’s a museum to the history of the Presidents of the country. Since the fall of the USSR that is. Thing is, there’s only been one President, Nazabayev, who manages to garner around the high 90s percentage-wise every election that is held. His been in power now 20 years or so and shows no sign of relinquishing that power any time soon.

Inside the President's Museum, Astana
Inside the President’s Museum, Astana

The museum is full of replicas of important rooms where he’s met dignitaries from other countries, gifts he’s received from heads of state from other countries, clothes he’s worn, it’s basically just a hymn to him! No cameras were allowed, so I was a bit naughty, but honestly how could you not? Without a doubt, a place you simply must visit if in town!


Now there are plenty of other quirky museums out there (quite a few in Japan!) and this is just a short list. Have you ever been to a museum you thought was a little bit different, and that made it special? Please comment below! May the Journey Never End!

13 thoughts on “Quirky museums

  1. I’ve only been to the cupnoodle museum…but there are also a few quirky ones that I can remember in Korea as well…which I have yet to get to…looks like people do like to set up quirky museums everywhere, quite interesting to explore anyway…:)

  2. Nice collection! There is a Sex Museum in Amsterdam that I recently visited and there is one museum of broken heart or break-up somewhere in Europe I would like to visit. Such cool spots to explore! Very interesting!

    1. no i havent been, ive been blocked up for days! 😛

      no but seriously i cant believe i didnt know about that because would have been top of my to do list when in Delhi. I havent been to Delhi since 2004 do maybe it popped up since then?

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