Off to New Zealand!

High everyone! Well, I am taking just over a week’s break in November, and the exciting news is that I will be headed to my 71st country, New Zealand. Yes, you’d think that an Aussie would get to New Zealand before they were 40, especially a traveller, but somehow it just never happened. I did have a couple of hours in Auckland Airport in 1999, but I don’t count that as a visit (and nor should I!)

Whakarewarewa Thermal area, Rotorua, New Zealand. Pohutu Geyser.
Whakarewarewa Thermal area, Rotorua, New Zealand. Pohutu Geyser.

How did this all come about? I was putting my head down and as some may know, I’ve been working around 90 hours a fortnight since I came back from Myanmar and Thailand. I’m pretty close to worn out to be honest and I think, despite my plans for South America next October (2016) being at the forefront of my mind, I realised that working like crazy until then was going to end badly for me.


Plus, Doctor Who. What? Okay, so the Doctor Who festival is coming to Sydney in November. And I thought I’d like to go. What? Still not following? Well, my wife said she’d rather go to New Zealand than Sydney for a week, and I thought ‘why not do both?’

So, two days in Sydney. I haven’t really got any decent photos of Sydney or experiences to blog about, so even with only one day for being a tourist (other day at the festival) I’ll at least be able to see a few of the usual places and add to my photo collection.

Auckland city, Westhaven Marina and harbour view, Auckland, New Zealand. From
Auckland city, Westhaven Marina and harbour view, Auckland, New Zealand. From
Rotoua - From
Rotoua – From

From there I will venture to Rotorua for four nights and Auckland for two. We’ll take in some thermal spas, see a traditional dance, see where hobbits come from and resist the urge to bungee jump! It promises to be whirlwind, but at least it’s a break!

So, I have something to look forward to before the end of the year. How about you? Who has travel plans before 2015 is out? Please comment! May the Journey Never End!

14 thoughts on “Off to New Zealand!

  1. Wonderful Plan, Andy. I started this year’s travel with NZ. Amazing country. Looks like you might even squeeze in Whakatne- White Island if you are in Rotorua for 4 nights. It was a great and one of a kind experience for me

    Let us all hear about your trip when you are back .

  2. I know Australia is a big place but how can you have never been to Australia?! Mind you 71 countries is pretty impressive so I’ll let you off 😉 Sounds like you have an awesome trip planned!

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