Sunday Snapshot: Philadelphia

phil 2

Yep I’m sticking to America over this weekend! For those interested in American history datiung back to independence and the formation of democracy and government in the US, Philadelphia is the perfect place to visit. And it’s a pleasant city too with much to keep one interested for a day or three.

phil 4

It’s pretty well located for an eastern state jaunt to the States too, DC, Philly, NYC and Boston could make a great couple of weeks for you. I was lucky enough to have a place to stay there through friends who have friends, and it’s interesting to compare the parts of town full of apartments with the colonial feel of the more historic areas of town. I think, from memory I picked up a tourist map somewhere and went around trying to find what I could.

phil 3

Inside Independence Hall.
Inside Independence Hall.

Independence Hall is very significant because it is where the two documents that in so many ways form the United States were debated and signed – the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Presented as it might have been all those years ago in the second half of the 18th Century (building was built in 1753) it’s pretty much a must see.

Betsy Ross house.
Betsy Ross house.

If you’re interested in American history and the birth of a nation, the Betsy Ross House might interest you – where Betsy Ross sewed the Stars and Stripes onto the American flag.

I remember finding the Philadelphia Mint quite interesting. They were at the time (I was there in 2004) producing (actually they were around in 1999 as well) a series of quarters, one for each state of America. I have quite a number of them actually, however not the full set. So I was pretty interested in the mint – I love seeing old coins in museums too wherever I go!

Yes, THIS is the Liberty Bell.
Yes, THIS is the Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell was interesting to see, again dating from mid-18th century, a huge bell designed to ring out freedom across the land. On its first ringing, however, it cracked! Now, well, people get their photo taken next to it. Naturally!

phil 6

There are a number of interesting and historic churches around too, I stumbled into one but sadly with my detailed dairy gone forever I am not sure which one it is, other than it was an Episcopal Church. I thought it was interesting anyways! There are a number of parks around too, and as you can imagine, this post barely a small torch (flashlight!) on a really interesting place. It’s not just the historical landmarks too, Philadelphia had a great good, friendly vibe. I recommend it to those travelling to the States who are unsure of where to go except for the obvious places!

'Love' Park. This is the place for selfies.
‘Love’ Park. This is the place for selfies.

phil 9

Love these kind of buildings.
Love these kind of buildings.
One of those steamers you see in movies!
One of those steamers you see in movies!

Thanks for reading everyone… Not sure where I’ll be heading on the next post, perhaps back to Myanmar. Until then – May the Journey Never End!



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