Review – Jetstar Dreamliner Flight

Howdy all. So now my reviews are moving on to the recent flights I took. I have already ranted and raved about my crappy experience on Jetstar on the way home, sometimes one just needs to get stuff out of one’s system. My experience with the Dreamliner on the flight over to Bangkok, back on February 14th, was far more pleasant and issue-free, however, I advise not to forget that Jetstar (despite their adds presenting everyone having a great flight and experience) frequently experiences delays and poor customer service.

From Jetstar's own site
From Jetstar’s own site

You want to start off any trip on the right foot, and for me the Dreamliner experience was the right foot. I arrived at least three hours early to the Melbourne (Tullamarine) Airport, and although I waited in line for 20 minutes it was still an easy check in. I was a little disconcerted by the man rolling cigarettes in line in the airport, and his odd (nervous) disposition. He had a small knife and was pulling tobacco (I think) out of a tin can. Still, it didn’t seem to raise any alarms, and we hadn’t gone through immigration at all.

I’d booked online, and with Jetstar it was a longish process and as usual you have no idea how much you’re up for until you’re on the last page of booking. The credit card fee is always the killer, but the price was around $400 one way with no stops to Bangkok, so I was happy enough with that. The plane was on time, and being a reasonably new plane, well, it was cleaner than your average Jetstar ride.

There were entertainment systems in the backs of every chair, even in economy, and you had to pay to use it however you could still access the flight map which I did countless times during the 9 hour journey. It was great not to have to stop anywhere – some flights Jetstar runs between Melbourne and Bangkok are non-stop, usually the Dreamliner flights, others stop in Singapore and I think use Airbuses.


The plane offered decent legroom, definitely more than when Jetstar operate Airbuses. It wasn’t nearly as big as I was expecting it to be, I thought the Dreamliner was going to be a mega-aircraft. It was just, you know, regular I guess. But I guess there are many different makes of the Dreamliner.

I was able to snooze a bit, use my Samsung Galaxy pad, the food was actually pretty decent too. I had like a chicken cacciatore sort of deal and I liked it. Everything was ordered when I bought the ticket online, so no extra fees. The comfort was a step up from the usual Jetstar flight, and so really with an on time flight, comfort, legroom etc – I couldn’t really complain. Without a doubt the best, most hassle free flight on Jetstar. If only it were the norm!

May the Journey Never End!


  1. I really liked the Dreamliner when I flew on it back in January. Good review here – you’re right when you said it’s a step up from the usual Jetstar treatment…

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