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Train Journeys – Almaty to Semey (Kazakhstan)

Ahhh yes I’m taking you Central Asia today for today’s train journey. The journey northward from Kazakhstan’s cultural capital Almaty to the somewhat Russian Semey in the north is certainly a long one, and although a good portion of it is overnight, it’s still rather a special time to spend on the rails.   An evening departure from Almaty had

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Trip of a Lifetime Part Two – Thailand and seeing how it all worked

So off with a bang! Thai Airways had me coasting through the clouds overnight. I remember the flight distinctively. Left at 1am, dinner a couple of hours later. Lights off for three hours and then lights on again and a movie – Sleepless in Seattle. Irony appreciated. Then breakfast and touchdown at just after 6am Thai time, two or three

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World Journeys Podcast – Edinburgh Fringe Festival Talk with Robert Lloyd (Episode 8)

The World Journeys Podcast is back! Episode 8 kicks off the next bracket of seven episodes with a BANG as I chat with Robert Lloyd – actor, improviser and the guy that David Tennant looks a bit like as he talks about his experiences taking his one-man show ‘Who, Me?’ to the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. What was it like

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Train Journeys – Darjeeling

Most of the train journeys I have written about so far have been longish journeys, overnighters, epic stories of survival (ok that’s an exaggeration) but not all worthwhile train journeys in the world are like that, in fact some are quite short. Take the seven-kilometre toy train journey from Darjeeling as a prime example. It’s run just for the tourists

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