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World Journeys Podcast Episode 7 – World Cup Special!

This week the World Journeys Podcast is heading to the World Cup in Brazil! Well, sort of! We have a good old chinwag with Michael Woolhouse who is heading to the World Cup to support the mighty Socceroos (Australia’s football team). I met Michael in Japan, to discover he lived around the corner from me in Melbourne! So firstly we

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Guest Post – 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Guyana

Today, it’s a special GUEST POST from Jessica from Turquoise Compass. I feel very privileged to have been approached by Jessica to contribute a guest post. It’s on a country and a part of the world I have never been to (naturally I am extremely jealous) – Guyana, South America. So, I will turn it over to Jess!   When

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Short Journeys Vietnam

Howdy all! My latest Short Journeys is out on Amazon! After some feverish editing and at one point the original file disappearing completely from my computer (yes, it wasn’t a great moment), the latest of my ebooks is out for Amazon Kindle. The Short Journeys series books are full of anecdotes, experiences, opinions and reviews on the places I stayed

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Sunday Spotlight: Shanghai

If there was one city in China I was keen to visit before I went there, it was Shanghai. Why? Perhaps it seemed the most romantic of China’s cities? The most forward-thinking even back before China opened itself up to tourism, full of shiny skyscrapers and technology. Ripped off technology, sure, but technology none-the-less. I had the impression it was

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Japanese Survival Guide Point 7 – City Hall and Bureaucracy

Winding down my Japanese Survival Guide now, with principally the third last post unless something else springs to mind, folks it’s time to prepare for the red tape that awaits the foreigner when you come to work in Japan as an ESL Teacher. The irony of it all is that Japan is a principally capitalistic country, you pay for health

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World Journeys Podcast Episode Six – with Andrew Higgins.

Recorded in Ueno Park, Ueno, Tokyo, the sixth episode of the World Journeys Podcast includes not one but TWO Andrews! Fighting off crows and temple gongs, this podcast is a great listen. Andrew Higgins talks to me (Andrew Boland) about his two years thus far in Japan. Andrew loves Akihabara, he’s even visited a Maid Cafe – so find out

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