City Rumble – Tokyo Versus St Petersburg!

The third quarter final is here for City Rumble, and it's the enchanting if chilly St Petersburg up against the shiny capital of Japan, Tokyo! A spot in the semi-finals is at stake! Which city will it be?

First Taste – St Petersburg, Russia

I’m not sure I have been quite as excited as I was about arriving anywhere as Russia for the first time in 1999. The idea of going behind the old iron curtain to a country that was hard to imagine that much about was more exciting than even Egypt or India for my first big …

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Trip of a Life Time Part Five – Denmark and Russia

Hello folks. Slowly, I am coming out of hibernation here with the next instalment of my recounting the story of my very first solo, round the world trip in 1999. I need to learn to balance all the things I do it seems – work, writing and other important hobbies for me. This means a …

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Train Journeys – St Petersburg to Moscow

Following on from finding my 1999 photos, even though I don’t specifically have any from this trip, I was reminded about it. In Russia, stations are often named after their destinations, a somewhat novel approach perhaps but it makes a bit of sense too I guess. So when you head to Moscow from St Petersburg, …

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Five awesome places I’ve seen

Every blog needs a hook right? Okay so I thought I would sit down and think of five awesome places I have been, chuck in some photos and blab on a little about them.   5. The Pyramids, Egypt.   When I first headed overseas to backpack about, I knew there were a couple of …

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