City Rumble – Beijing Versus Shanghai

Ni Hou! and it’s time for an all-China face off with two of the biggest Chinese cities there are – the capital Beijing and the metropolis of Shanghai. Both are great destinations, and actually completely different cities. There’s around 1,200 kilometres between these two cities, but what sets them apart from each other and which is the better city to visit?

City Rumble – Seville Versus Porto

Today I’m reaching back into the recent past, 2019, with two cities I visited in the same trip, Seville and Porto, to see how these two pretty great cities to visit compare against each other. One has ties with a Moorish past, bull fighting and one of the largest cathedrals in the world, the other is famous for its wine and for a magnificent two-story bridge, and also for just being one of the nicest cities in Europe. BUT – they can’t both win!

City Rumble – Tokyo Versus Tallinn

In one corner today, we have a heavyweight champion of North Asia, the Japanese capital – destination Tokyo! In the other corner, weighing far less but yet packing quite a punch, a medieval city in the Baltics, capital of Estonia, the charming Tallinn. Yep – today’s City Rumble match up is between two very different places, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a walk over.

Sunday Spotlight – Batumi, Georgia

Yes, another Sunday, another ‘Spotlight’, and today we’re heading to Georgia and its second (or maybe third) city of Batumi. It sits on the eastern edge of the Black Sea, and has a population of 155,000 or so (so not particularly big). However, it is pretty much Georgia’s second city, and it is by far …

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